Livestock Equipment Manufacturer in China
  • Pig Equipment
  • Pig Equipment Modern pig equipment for pig rearing, sow management as well as efficient pig climate control systems .
  • cattle equipment
  • Cattle Equipment Cattle Equipment builds quality from sturdy corral panels and bow gates to a full-line of chutes and headgates.
  • Farrowing Floor
  • Flooring Swine Flooring - Nursery Floor, Farrowing Floor, Cast Iron Floor, Plastic Flooring, Flooring Accessories ...
  • farm machinery
  • Farm Machinery farming equipment including gamebird, hog, and poultry equipment, livestock housing & feeders, agricultural ...
  • Farrowing Crate
  • Farrowing Crate system Farrowing Crate system combines the distinction of galvanized steel construction, the advantages of a stainless steel(plastic) wet/dry sow feeder and a durable flooring system to promote an efficient farrowing facility ...Designed for the comfort of the sow, safety of the piglet and ease of use .
  • pig house
  • Automatism Feeding Systerm the most popular feeder made from Stainless Steel and Plastic:
    1. Swine get fresh feed several times each day;
    2. Wet/dry feeders are designed for use in wean-market facilities
  • hog house
  • Solid plastic slat Solid plastic slat Product Description:available in different sizes plastic slats with integrated rubber mat cast iron slats with different solid-to-void ratios heating plates made of concrete polymer or plastic bearers made of galvanized steel, stainless steel or GRP Due to the great flexibility of our modular system, it is possible t.

We are professional in designing and manufacturing feeding systems, ventilation systems, egg collection systems, drinking systems, manure removal systems and other systems. We provide complete pig and cow farm sets and the technical services, such as general distribution, design of sewage for pig farms, etc. Besides this, we are also a distributor of some foreign livestock equipment brands.