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18th China International Foundry Expo Metal China

Datetime:Sep02, 2019    Visit:
Metal China, sponsored by China Foundry Association since 1987, is one of the important events in the world foundry industry. Its exhibition scale has been over 100,000 sqm since 2010.

Metal China will meet with the world foundry industry every year from 2015, which has been one of the largest casting exhibitions in the world. Tens of thousands of quality castings ranging from a few grams to hundreds of tons that apply to automotive, machine tool, metallurgy, aerospace, heavy machine, energy, petrochemical, rail transportation, communication, municipal and other fields will be displayed at the exhibition.

Besides, "China International Die-casting Industry Exhibition" will make its debut at the same period with Metal China. Aluminum alloy, Magnesium alloy and Zinc alloy castings will bring you into a bright metal world.
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