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Round Type Carbon Cup
Round Type Carbon Cup
  • Round Type Carbon Cup
  • Round Type Carbon Cup
The carbon cups are used matching with the carbon and sulphur analyzer to quickly analyze carbon content, silicon content and carbon equivalent in molten iron, which can save smelting time of molten iron, greatly reduce production cycle of white and grey cast iron and therefore increase production efficiency.

Principle of measurement:

Collection of temperature curves is conducted by microprocessor. Contents of carbon and silicon, and quality of molten iron can be calculated by crystallization process of molten iron.

Temperature range: 1250℃~1370℃

Measuring range:

Carbon equivalent 2.5~5.0±0.047%

Carbon content 2.1~4.2±0.039%

Silicon content 0~20±0.1%

Graduation No. of supporting thermocouple wires: K type

Shape of carbon cup: round and square type

Measurement function: thermal analysis towards cast iron

Measuring time: 240 seconds at most

Indication in working process: the carbon cup is connected with three signal indicators on the panel of “Ready”, “Measurement” and “Finish” through potential free reed relay.

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