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What Is The Function Of Led Intelligent Bathroom Mirrors?

LED intelligent bathroom mirrors and makeup mirrors are commonly installed in bathrooms and are standard accessories for bathroom cabinets. They are also one of the most widely used household items in our daily lives.

led intelligent bathroom mirrors
A bathroom mirror with LED lights can serve as a lighting fixture. Its unique LED lights, combined with light, electricity, and heat, need to be properly combined. LED intelligent bathroom mirrors can first and foremost serve as bathroom lighting for me, as well as touch dimming to provide positive facial light. Makeup is also great for any detail. The mirror uses a transformer, which is 12V low-voltage safe and can also play a role in mist removal.
The mirror can be used for defogging, time temperature, lighting, and engraving switch buttons according to functional needs.
Widely used in many hotels and homes, it not only has a light and luxurious style, but its appearance can also serve as a decorative effect and provide more choices for smart homes.

1.After taking a shower in the bathroom, the one click quick defogging function keeps the mirror surface clear at all times.

2.LED light with infinite dimming, easy to switch light colors, restore sunlight, and front fill mirror

3.Bluetooth function, connecting your phone to a mirror, listening to music while taking a shower, answering phone calls, very convenient and practical.

4.Clock display, mirror display time, don’t worry about missing any appointment.

5.Human body sensing touch switch, mirror touch switch to activate various functions



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