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What To Do If a Wooden Frame Mirror Gets Moldy?

wooden frame mirror

1.Salt water

Take a basin of water and add an appropriate amount of salt. After dilution, wipe the mold spots on the bathroom mirror with a cloth soaked in the solution. Wipe it a few times, and the mold on the mirror will disappear.

wooden mirror

2.Laundry powder

Mold on the bathroom mirror can also be removed with laundry detergent. Apply diluted detergent solution to the mold stains on the mirror. Let stand for 5-10 minutes. Wipe with a cloth several times. Easy to remove mold spots.


Disinfectants have a good effect on removing mold. Dilute an appropriate amount of disinfectant with 1000 times water. Wipe the mirror with a cloth soaked in solution. It can remove mold spots. It also has disinfection and sterilization effects.



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