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The Best Way To Transport Mirrors

Mirrors are fragile and expensive to ship. So we have to choose the mirror shipping method carefully.

Mirror Exporting Packing

As an experienced mirror manufacturer, We have some experience with ship mirrors.

Everbetter’s mirrors will be shipped according to the contracted shipping schedule after strict inspection.
Full Container Load (FCL)

We haul empty containers from the depot to the factory. Loading is arranged by experienced factory workers.
All mirrors can only be installed vertically on the narrow side, and there are almost no gaps between each box of goods. This can avoid damage caused by shaking during shipping. Because most orders will contain products of different sizes, factory workers will make better use of container space through calculation and experience on the premise of ensuring product safety. Avoid missing boxes to save our customers’ average shipping costs.

We will inspect and clean the empty containers before loading, take pictures and record the whole loading process. After loading, the tail of the box will be reinforced with a net to improve the safety of goods for unpacking. The whole container is almost not damaged during transportation.
Less Than Container Load (LCL)

We do not recommend that clients take this approach. In this case, we can only send the products to the depot through the logistics vehicle, and the depot workers will load the containers. In terms of professionalism and responsibility, they are not as good as factory workers. Moreover, the multiple loading and unloading of the product also bring the uncontrollable risk of breakage.



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