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Custom Wall Mirror Service Introduction

Daxili started out as a mirror wholesaler without a mirror factory. With our own continuous improvement, not only our customers are more and more, but we have also established our own mirror factory. In recent years, we have seen a huge demand for customized wall mirrors, so we quickly made mirror customized to our business scope. After several years of operation, we standardized the rules for custom mirror for wall. We do take pride in this due to our lean management throughout our custom wall mirrors workflow.

Allow me to briefly introduce our one-stop cheap custom mirror manufacturing service. In conclusion, we accept large orders (wall mirror importers or distributors) and small orders (small businesses/independent brands).
Custom Wall Mirrors Made Easy By the Everbetter Team

It is up to you to provide samples and inform the demand. We’ll make glass into truly beautiful mirrors!

(If it needs to be close to the original design, it is better to provide actual samples. Because the information provided by the pictures is relatively small. It is impossible to understand more product details and processes and may cause color casts and visual differences in the process of data transmission.)

Method 1: Choose a style from Ever Better and let us know your requirements.
Method 2: Give Ever Better your own style with pictures and descriptions. The more detailed the better. Original physical samples would be great!
Custom Wall Mirrors Materials

Wood Framed Mirror
Metal Framed Mirror
ABS Plastic Mirror
Glass Décor Mirror
PS Framed Mirror
PU Framed Mirrors
Photo Frame (wood, ps) Mirrors

Different Styles are Available


Different Colors are Available

Antique Brass

Min Order Quantity

Packing Process:

Because the mirror is fragile and generally samples are delivered by express, we will prepare special packing for samples:

Whole Samples:

Each item in EPE wrap (with corner caps on basis of different shapes), in master export carton, with 6 sides poly-foam board and MDF board. Then packing will be strengthened by a plywood case to reduce the breakage rate.

Partial Sample:

Frame profile /corner to refer to the color, decorative design, etc. Most information about products can be read from a small piece, much lower cost and nearly without breakage possibility. (Recommend)
General Process

Confirmation of order details

Custom wall mirror color, style, material, packaging, and other requirements.
Calculate the cost and arrange the quotation for the customer. If the price level can confirm the acceptance, can arrange to do the sample.

Sampling and sample delivery

Any further suggestions from customers after receiving the samples will be carefully studied until our customers are satisfied.
The sample cost is 3 times the FOB price, because of the separate production line and special packaging, shipping should be charged.

(Because the lens samples are fragile, try to confirm whether the product can be arranged through pictures and videos. Or international express, the cost is relatively high, and the risk of breaking is relatively high. We can provide cost estimates for customers to choose from for reference.)



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