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Selection Skills and Placement of Table Mirrors


Home decoration has always been very beautiful in everyone’s eyes. No matter whether its decoration is luxurious or not, no matter whether its space is spacious or not, it is enough to have the furniture you like. Today, perhaps with the improvement of living standards and living conditions, our requirements for life are getting higher and higher. A small table mirror also began to hide countless secrets.

In home life, a dresser is a must-have piece of furniture for every girl. The table mirror is also an essential item on the dresser. As a decoration, the table mirror can also be used for adjustment, and can be applied anywhere in the home. In this article, we will uncover the mystery of table mirrors together.

selection skills and placement of table mirrors

selection skills and placement of table mirrors

The Importance of a Table Mirror

A table vanity mirror is not only an ornament but also a utility. Every girl dreams of being unique. We often have to shuttle to the bathroom or bedroom to beautify ourselves. What a tedious process this is! A mirror for the vanity table solves most of your troubles.
More Convenient Dress Up

The first is that daily grooming and dressing are more convenient. When many beauty-loving women choose furniture, what they most hope to have is a dresser of their own. You can put it anywhere you need to freshen up and organize your clothes, so you can dress up whenever you want. A dressing table mirror is not only great for decorating, but it is also very useful when putting on makeup. Make sure the table vanity mirror can see your face.
Visually Increase The Space

A large table mirror can improve the small space and make the space look brighter. Mirrors can not only refract but also reflect. This reflection principle increases the brightness of the room. Such a small space can also look more spacious visually.
Enhance the Sense of Space Design

Choose a vanity table mirror with a sense of design or a decorative table mirror to replace decorative items such as soft paintings. Add highlights to a single-banded wall. A special mirror for a vanity table can easily elevate your home decor.

How to Choose a Table Mirror?

What style, color, and shape of dressing table mirrors do you like? Before you buy a table vanity mirror, you need to consider several important factors. People generally buy the same style of furniture to match their decorating style. The same is true for table mirrors, which should be unified with the style of home decoration.
Style of Table Mirror

In order to make the overall home decoration look harmonious and beautiful, be sure to choose the correct style of table mirror. For example, if the overall home decoration is the minimalist style of North America, then choose a simple table mirror.

Vintage table mirror

The vintage table mirror looks dignified and elegant. The material of the vintage table mirror is generally solid wood, wood-based panels, and other wood-based materials, which are natural and harmonious. At the same time, the vintage table mirror will also have exquisite carvings. This vintage dressing table mirror all reflects its nobility, gorgeousness, and dazzling brilliance, and gives people a noble enjoyment. The vintage dressing table mirror is suitable for rustic decoration style.

Antique table mirror

The artistic sense of the antique table mirror is very strong, and it often pays attention to the sense of craftsmanship. The antique table mirror gives people a strong visual effect and a sense of ownership, exudes a strong sense of dignity, and adds an elegant and noble temperament and taste to the space.

Modern table mirror

Compared with other styles of table mirrors, modern table mirrors are easier to match with various styles of home decoration. Natural and real appearance, elegant atmosphere, giving people a feeling of comfort and freedom. It doesn’t require you to put much effort into it, it blends naturally with the furniture.
Shape of Table Mirror

The shape of the table vanity mirror actually determines the size of the mirror. Some families think that as long as they look good when buying, they often ignore the size. But this size is quite important.

Rectangular Table Mirror

The overall visual effect of the rectangular table mirror will be more comfortable. Because most of the things we usually see are rectangular shapes. The rectangular table mirror will not be overly publicized, and pay attention to practicality, conveying the design ideas of simplicity, leisure and multi-functionality.

Round Table Mirror

Round table mirrors are rarer but available. This type of dresser is not very popular with the public, and the style is more difficult to design, generally in solid colors.

Square Table Mirror

The square table mirror looks relatively regular, which means that the square table mirror does not have a strong sense of design. If the color of the square table mirror is white, then the simple and pure color matching looks very pure and elegant.
Does the Table Mirror Need to Be Lighted?

Many beauty-loving women know that when applying makeup, the true degree of light has a lot to do with the naturalness of the final makeup look. Especially in the morning when applying makeup, the light itself is insufficient, so the dressing table needs to have its own lighting effect. Or reserve a spot for the lamp when customizing the dresser. There are dressing table mirrors with their own lights on the market. Only the price will be higher than the ordinary table vanity mirror. But a dressing table mirror with lights is necessary.

Tips for Choosing a Table Mirror

When you have your own home, you hope to have a high-end dresser too. So what details should you pay attention to when choosing a dressing table mirror?
Look at The Mirror Itself

When we choose a mirror, we must pay attention to checking to see if the surface of the mirror is smooth. Observe whether there are any cracks or wear, especially if there are cracks, they will be easily broken and damaged during use.
Table Mirror Size

Obviously, this is a very simple but easily overlooked problem. Often many people only find it inappropriate after they finally put the mirror in their home. The size and dimensions of the mirror should be in proportion to the surrounding furniture. When decorating or buying furniture, people generally buy the same style of furniture to match their own decoration style. If it is a bedside table mirror, then fully consider the ratio between the bed and the dresser and the bedside table mirror.
Match the Home Decoration

If the overall home decoration is European style, then it is best to choose a European table mirror, which looks harmonious and beautiful; if the overall home decoration is a minimalist style in North America, then choose a simple table vanity mirror. Generally speaking, there are many sizes of table vanity mirrors of different styles. We need to choose the appropriate size so that it will be more comfortable when used.
Reasonable Space Design

There will only be more and more cosmetics for girls, so be sure to plan the space of the dresser reasonably. That small dresser seems to have the magic of making people beautiful, it is an independent space of its own. Find the right place to place the dressing table mirror.

The Placement of The Table Mirror

In order to make your home decoration more pleasing, every piece of furniture in your home should also be properly arranged. A table vanity mirror is a piece of must-have furniture decorating item in every lady’s home. But do you know how to place the dresser correctly? Where do you want to put the large table mirror? There are a few details to pay attention to when placing your table vanity mirror.
Put it on The Entryway

Check your makeup and attire one last time before you go out. An entryway table mirror is necessary. However, the space in the aisle is usually relatively small, and the space must be used reasonably.
Put it on The Bedside

Mirrors in the bedroom should be carefully selected for placement. You can choose a dressing table with two doors. When you don’t need a mirror, you can close the two doors and open it when you need to use a bedside table mirror. In this way, there will be no rushing, and it can also create a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom.
Put it in The Bathroom

Everyone’s habits are different. Some people like to apply makeup in the bathroom and some like to apply makeup in the bedroom. Obviously, the mirror on the bathroom wall is not enough for our makeup to allow us to observe very carefully. So we need a table vanity mirror so that we can take care of every part of our body.


In recent years, people’s pursuit of beauty has become higher and higher. Dressing table mirrors are used when people wear makeup, and they are also used when changing clothes. And the shape of the vanity table mirrors is different, there are round, square, rectangles and other shapes. When purchasing, you can choose different shapes of table mirrors according to your own needs and preferences.

The above is the basic situation about the purchase and placement of table mirrors sorted out for everyone. I believe everyone will have different opinions. Hope this article can help you who are considering purchasing a table mirror.



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